What to look forward to at NormaFest 2017

NormaFest 2017

Since its launch in 2009, the NormaFest has become iconic with music lovers from across the UK. The fact that it is held at a time of the year where there are no other festivals of note going on, makes its timing perfect. All folk lovers will know of its founder, who the event is named after, Norma Waterson. The legendary folk singer who was part of the group, the Watersons. If for some reason, you are not familiar with her work, here is a taster: Death and the Lady

When is Normafest 2017?

NormaFest 2017 will be held on the first weekend of January. That’s Friday the 6th and Sunday the 8th of January. (Upon checking on the website recently, I am no longer sure if Sunday is still on).

It will be held at the Whitby Pavilion. As you can note from the map above, there are quite a few places to stay within reasonable distance from the venue. I would expect a few of them to have either inflated rates that weekend, or to be fully booked. If you are keen on being a part of this event, you will want to get the booking sorted quite promptly. The Melrose Guest house and Bay Royal Hotel are great options for Whitby Hotels.

Who’s playing at the Normafest 2017?

Friday Lineup:

who is playing at Normafest 2017
3.30-4.30pm Hardeep Singh Kohli interviews Martin Carthy

4.30- 5.15 DJ DOLPHIN BOY


6.45-7.30 Session

7.00-8.00 DJ DOLPHIN BOY

8.00- 9.15 THE WATERSON FAMILY (with Saul Rose opening)

8.45 – 9.45 DJ DOLPHIN BOY

9.45-11.00 PEGGY SEEGER

10.45-11.30pm DJ DOLPHIN BOY  & Session in  bar

Saturday Lineup

Midday-1pm  Film “Land Of Green Ginger” (t.b.c)

1.00-2.00  DJ Dolphin Boy

2.00-2.15 “How I Met Norma” with Ian Clayton

2.35-3.50  Film “Where You Are Meant To Be”

3.00-4.00 Session


5.00 -7.00  DJ Dolphin Boy

5.15-6.15 Film “Travelling for a Living”

7.00-8.15 LYNCHED (a.k.a Lankum)

8.15-9.00 Session

9pm -10.30 THE GIFT BIG BAND  (featuring Neil McColl & special guest Richard Hawley)

10.30- Midnight DJ Dolphin Boy

10.30-11.30 Session


There have something special planned for this day, as a surprise. We expect that Norma Waterson herself will also be playing on this day, but, we could be wrong. Fingers crossed.

Where can I get Ticket for NormaFest 2017?

Tickets for this event are available to purchase from the Whitby Pavilion as well as on EventBrite.

You can purchase tickets for a single day or for the whole festival. The choice will probably come down to whether you are coming to see specific artists perform or if, of course you are looking to enjoy a wide range of great artists’ performances.

If you can avoid missing it, you really dont want to miss this festival. Perhaps we will run into each other on the dancefloor at the Whitby Pavilion this weekend. Feel free to comment below letting us know of your experiences if you have been to previous years of this festival. If you do make it this year, we would also love to know what your experience is as well. No two experience are necessarily the same. We are certainly looking forward to celebrating this year with the legendary British folk music artist that is  Norma.

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