Parklife Festival Review

It is festival season yet again. To kick this one off we spent the weekend at Heaton Park in Manchester for the Parklife festival. What attracted us to this particular one is the lineup of artists that were on show. The main attractions being A Tribe Called Quest, Damian Marley, George Ezra and Frank Ocean. This is not to say these are the best or biggest acts, although this may be true for some of the artists. A Tribe Called Quest is iconic and don’t often do shows in the UK as far as I am aware, so if the chance comes, you’ve got to grab it with three hands. The same can be said for Damian “Jnr Gong” Marley. This was George Ezra’s second festival ever! Frank Ocean doesn’t do tours, and hardly performs at festivals so again, it’s not to be missed. 


This was my first time attending this particular festival. The location was quite good, with easy access to the city on the tram and buses. There were also quite a number of coaches run by Big Green Coach from various part of the country. 

The decision to go was very last minute for me, so it took a lot of last minute planning and rigorous search of the web to find a decent place to stay. To achieve this I took the AirBnB route, which I had never taken. There were a few places listed when we got on but these would quickly get spanned up while we were sending messages back and forth to agree whether we wanted to stay here or not. 
As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the reasonably priced ones to be gone. We actually had one that we went all the pay to the payment part after selecting dates and everything. Only to be told that those dates where no long available. If AirBnB or anyone who works for or with them reads this, I am of the opinion that just adding a functional timer for booking would go a long way. I don’t know, five minutes where they hold your booking for you before allowing it to be spanned up. 
We stayed at this place: 
The host was brilliant, and very accommodating. His home is extremely clean. 

I’m still trying to remember all the acts I went to. Will update this section asap. 



Frank Ocean’s personalised stage was great. I wasn’t impressed with the fact that the setup of that stage meant that everyone had to wait for an extra half an hour for Frank to get on stage. I don’t know if this stage was a last minute thing, or if the planning was just not done well. Whatever the case may be, no one wants to wait half an hour for an act. By then you had best bring our 2Pac and Biggie. 


Coach parking was a great idea. It was located in a convenient area for all entrances. There were quite a lot of car illegally parked, that made it very hard for the coach drivers to move in and out of the carpark. 


Accreditation was pretty quick, with the usual festival vibe where it seems some of the people don’t know what they are doing. That being said, we were in in no time at all. We were through the guest entrance, so I don’t know how that would compare to general entrances. 

Sign posting


After what happened at the Ariana Grande show in the same city a few weeks prior to this festival, I was quite anxious going into this. The level of security was very reassuring though. Searches were being conducted thoroughly at all entrances as well as just after the entrance in case someone made it pay the first one. 

There was also a sniffer dog, doing what he does best. One of my friends had to be strip searched on both days, for some unknown reason. They didn’t find anything on him at either time.

I was rather annoyed on the second day when after emptying my pocket, I was informed that I could take my tiny bottle of cologne. It’s non-alcoholic and oil based. I couldn’t make sense of it. What vexed even more was the fact that I had taken it in the first day. The guard asked me to “spray it on” before going in. What a joke.

I’m very picky when it comes to crowds, do pardon me. Dress code was shocking to me. All the females seemed to be dressed in a uniform, bum shorts and a cleavage flattering top. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what ever happened to individuality. You know? Just being yourself and not dressing like 49000 other people?

Some behaviour from the crowd was appalling. Pushing and shoving through without the least bit of “excuse me”. Excuse me, where are our manners?


I really think it’s ridiculous that it is still common for places at a festival to not access card as a form of payment. What year is this? We are a plastic generation, it should not be tolerated. Whatever their reasoning behind it, please sort your lives out. 

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