First Of The Fame Monsters

lady gaga bad romance

lady gaga bad romance

It may seem unusual for someone like me to be excited about new Lady Gaga material seeing that I’m primarily into Indie/Rock music but it’s true. A performer like Lady Gaga is something in pop music that in my opinion has never existed and is in desperate need of… a sort of pop anti-Christ in disguise. I find that on the surface her lyrics appear shallow and superficial, but in being so they highlight these negativities by subversity. Lady Gaga is an artist of substance with a meaningful point to make and she’ll be having the last laugh at her detractors when it becomes apparently clear that she’s pulled the wool over their eyes.

This is all speculation based on my perceptions, but I get the impression that the Lady Gaga character is about to have a very public death only to be reborn as a new artist. The hints are all there, the Fame Kills tour that was so suspiciously pulled and the pending release of The Fame re-issue The Fame Monster which just too conveniently features 8 new theme relevant songs to extend the albums lifespan when it’s known that she’s been writing for the next album for some time now. This all hints at a carefully executed strategy for album number two and I’m predicting a surprise release immediately after the Lady Gaga character is found dead in a hotel bathtub under suspicious circumstances.

Perhaps I have an overactive imagination and I’m giving her more credit than is due, but what a brilliant idea I think.

The Bad Romance single features remixes of Poker Face and Paparazzi and like re-issue The Fame Monster is due for release on 23rd November.

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