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So about now this blog’s Arctic Monkeys tag cloud is about to burst, creating a flash flood that could well sweep the competition out to sea. Following the impact Favourite Worst Nightmare and indeed the band as a whole had on me, Humbug falls within my top 3 most anticipated albums of the year. The trouble is the other 2 were within weeks of this release bringing to mind the modern urban proverb “you wait and wait for a bus and then 2 come along at once” only it’s 3 buses and I can’t choose which one to take to get me there quicker.

Upon learning of Josh Homme producing Humbug and reading that the band wanted more Brianstorm like tracks, I knew we were in for something that might alienate the Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not era fans and so wasn’t surprised to find this was indeed the case to a degree… and for those I am sad!… because I still hear the same old Arctic Monkeys now as I did then, only (as I commented on someone else’s review) Humbug is like the audio negative of the band’s earlier work with the undertones coming to the foreground while the beautiful colourings are suppressed below.

Stand out moments on the album: Potion Approaching and Pretty Visitors (it’s all about the toms man!)

Arctic Monkeys are exactly the reason we must encourage our children to make music from a young age (or whatever they want really), when they’re newly self aware and their sentience isn’t marred by the imposed limitations of adulthood, it’s this I believe that has given us a band of such depth and the early wisdom some may overlook.

Seen them live this year?:

Humbug ‘Launch Party’: 26 Aug @ Brixton Academy with support by Them Crooked Vultures, watched Dave Grohl drum an entire set at close range and I still left that gig obsessed with Matt Helders.

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Humbug is available to download from The Nokia Music Store and is completely free to ‘Comes With Music’ subscribers.

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